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Roles are predefined, people are put into boxes, every title carries with it a regulation within which you are to exist, and we sub consciously conform to these rules. Anything contradictory and out of the roles defined for us is considered or.....Read More

Applications today are vast and varied, there is no dearth of good and valuable applications, but sometimes an application comes along , that changes you, makes you think and also brings about a positivity that leads you to grow and become a better.....Read More

Experiences , circumstance and situations , shape, form and mold us into who we are.Strong yet vulnerable, wary yet hopeful scared yet optimistic and happy yet cautious. Every single person has experience grief , heartbreak , failure and loss......Read More

Logical and AnalyticalSince time immortal instinct and intuition have been a part of the human makeup. But as humans we tend to overlook our gut reaction , to make an more thorough and analytical approach , weighing in the pros and cons of a.....Read More

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